Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

The association

The Gospel Institute, also known as « GI » by the regulars, is most importantly the first European school specialized in the deepening of learning methods and transmission related to gospel music.

For about fifteen years, over  1 500 students have attended the school, in the quest for an artistic ideal that can relieve that cry of hope, emotions, and universality passed from one generation to another by the descendants of African American slaves.

We are a cultural association under the French law 1901. We use all our human and material resources to train and convert our members to singing. Our school is open to everyone, whether curious and fascinated by gospel music, which has given birth to many other styles.

We started this concept in our area in the 90′s to introduce the public to this new cultural phenomenon. It is the largest gathering in France of gospel artists (choir, soloists, groups, and musicians).

You don’t need a music degree or knowledge of music theory in order to attend the school! It is open to anyone, whether amateur or professional, that wishes to participate to our training sessions offered as part of our classes. Students apply without auditions or any kind of discrimination. They are free to choose the program that suits them best.

Those who wish to improve their knowledge and skills are welcome as well to join our intensive programs. Our method is simple and accessible. Our teachers are all very knowledgeable, and are at least choir leaders and musicians. They will get the best out of everyone.

The ability to reveal the hidden talents of even the most introverted persons to the world, in an authentic and spontaneous environment, is what makes GI so special. We follow the constant evolution of singing and music techniques.

We are devoted to bring the best teaching experience to our students, which is why we regularly collaborate and share our knowledge with actors, musicians, dancers, directors, visual artists, … Most of them are more than willing to adopt the cultural and moral values of gospel music.

Where we are…

Near the Isere River, in front of the Museum of Grenoble and the MJC (youth house) the Allobroges, in a square called Lavalette is the building housing the headquarters of the Gospel Institute.
It seemed natural that the association moved into the “old city” close to the cathedral in this building from the 18th century built in the same period as the abolition of slavery, which is a frequently mentioned theme in gospel music.

On foot, by bike, by car, tram or other modes of transport, the visitor is coming easily to our office. This privileged location makes the Gospel Institute popular, easy to access with a parking garage near the main roads. The ground floor opens onto a reception area followed by a work room, a recording studio and a storage technique. On the 1st floor, following the Diocesan House, our main rehearsal rooms can receive larger groups.

The students attending are very different, divided between an audience of artists, students and workers of all profiles but also the unemployed, children, and other populations from neighboring municipalities and even more remote regions such as Ile de France, Switzerland, Spain…