Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

How we work

The Gospel Institute is administered by a board of permanent founding members and administrative members, either employee or volunteer.

The founding members

Ms Stéphanie AKOA MVA, current president, has been part of the project since its creation

Ms Yvette MORLOT, benefactress of the association, honorary member, was the first president

Mr Franklin AKOA MVA, initiator of the project, is responsible for artistic projects

Ms Hélène GARSIA, missed honorary member, has left us too soon

Mr Christian SIMONETTI, fan of gospel, treasurer, is very active with our cultural partners

The administrative members

The Gospel Institute is headed by an artistic project manager.

The secretary is in charge of communication, reception, planning, and administration.

A stage manager is responsible for managing technical and maintenance facilities and equipment.

The current team

Project Manager: Mr AKOA MVA Franklin 06 48 59 85 38 / akoamva@yahoo.fr

Secretary: Ms DI PASQUALE Mélissa 04 76 44 34 10 / melissa38dipasquale@yahoo.fr

Stage manager: Mr Vincent LAROCHE 06 71 77 42 88 / vinroche@voila.fr 



Except in the case of free activities (such as “gospel on Sundays”), all the Gospel Institute activities require membership. Similarly, any person or entity who use our services is implicitly a member of the association and considered as such in our records.

Our statutes

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