Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

History of our school


The idea

The Gospel Institute was created by Franklin AKOA MVA.
It all started in 1996 during an art trip to Louisiana (United States). While studying for a Master of Economics and Management, Franklin flies to American and meets Mr Everrett Parker, a prominent director of the gospel section at the University of LSU, Baton-Rouge. After this memorable exchange and a “Howard certificate” from the Institute of Negro Spirituals, Franklin is inspired by the concept he came across in Louisiana and decides to create the Association Gospel Institute of Grenoble with the help of a handful of friends.

The launch

In spring 1998, with the enthusiastic support of Ms. Yvette MORLOT, the newly born association found its home across the Museum of Grenoble. Thanks to the help of generous people, the place became well established. It was inaugurated September 22, 1998 by Alain Pilaud, working for the city council of Grenoble, in front of 200 people during an all-day open-door event.

Despite its youth, the Gospel Institute is the only regional association organizing events related to gospel. Only a few successful attempts have been made in Paris and in the South of France (Marseille, Montpellier).









The concept


Nowadays cultural barriers are falling. The public is closer to the artist. A magical exchange called “World Music” is happening. The merit of GI is to stay trendy and have been able to adapt itself and build bridges while bringing evolving answers.

Each course, each rehearsal, every concert, every encounter is an opportunity to echo the Afro-American music. The other activities of the school are based on approved methods from current musical practices (Modern Jazz, R & B, soul, ragga, reggae, traditional rhythms, folk music of the world…)