Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

Actions and goals

Transmit and promote

With GI, the public become actor. It is already well-established interactive music process in our “Gospel shows” where everyone is called to free themselves by participating in its own way.

In fifteen years, the GI has continued to spread. Actually, we are actually involved in similar projects in France and Europe. With our participation, four other schools in Spain and France have been created. Through its history, our school has created or sustained more than one projects: St Nizier workshops, Touvet, Crolles, St-Georges-de-Commiers, Gospel Sundays … to name just a few.

Our students find in the GI a good source of inspiration. Some were able to acquire strong enough bases to launch their own authentic projects as professional artists and amateurs, speech therapists, choir leaders, singers in groups, musicians, songwriters…

Help, support, animate

In its capabilities, the GI regularly and generously respond to various requests for support, whether from individuals or other cultural, humanitarian or social organization:

  • Events for free to rest-homes in Isère
  • Exchanges with youth integration assistance organizations (Saint-Martin d’Heres)
  • Support to events of the APF (Association des paralysés de France)
  • Christmas with victims of road accidents (Foyer des Nalettes, Seyssins)

Humanitarian action:

  • Concerts for the benefit of the Secours Populaire, Telethon, Rotary Club, Amnesty International…
  • Fundraising and financing, delivery of school materials for the Third World
  • Concerts for autism and other causes

For 15 years we’ve been contributing to experiences and events like :

  • Christmas markets (community associations)
  • Indoor and outdoor concerts
  • Festivals, parades, inaugurations, religious ceremonies, private events (weddings, baptisms, funerals)