Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

Rehearsal room


Rooms are programmed to accommodate different configurations for groups:

  • A room on the ground floor for up to 25 people also used as a rehearsal room for individual lessons or small groups. It is an ideal space for the orchestras too.
  • Another room on the first floor can accommodate 45 people with elevator access


  • Large groups (over 50 people) are relocated on partner sites:
  • Room Moctar Diba in “Lycée du Grésivaudan” Meylan (180 seats)
  • Centre social Vieux temple Grenoble (150 seats)
  • Temple protestant Rue Hébert Grenoble (100 seats)
  • Maison diocésaine « Auditorium » (200 seats)
  • Room O. Messiaen: not far from our school, it offers a space for more than 200 singers and 250 spectators.