Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

Recording studio

Recording techniques have evolved rapidly over the past twenty years. The transition from analog processing sound to digital has allowed the establishment of high-performance home studios with light resources. Today, such equipment is essential because it helps attract certain profiles of artists who want to preserve or develop their creativity.

With this we have developed  various projects:

  • Recording, mixing, mastering and production of the latest CD Grenoble Gospel Singers
  • Recording of samples for groups sponsored by the Gospel Institute
  • Production of video clips (Connecting Souls)
  • Training of technicians in computer-aided music

Our studios are equipped with:

  • 2 recording consoles “Processor Roland” fixed and mobile standards of United States (24 and 32 tracks)
  • A central computer with high capacity to keep the recorded songs
  • 2 listening posts
  • An amplifier (MAX brand, capacity to listen to 150W)
  • Dynamic and static micro HD
  • A battery of speakers SONY and SAMSUNG offering a listening comfort
  • 2 recording units can be configured
  • 2 Clavinova pianos newly designed, making easy to create music by integrating several types of support (midi interface, rhapsody) and other European, Japanese or American standards.

Capacities and openings offered by this equipment allow effective support for any artist wishing to evolve with the current standards (coaching).