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Choir directors

Franklin AKOA MVA from Grenoble / akoamva@yahoo.fr

Versatile man, son of teachers with parents from the Protestant churc, his father was organist and sound engineer on radios and TV. With his Master of Economics from the university of Grenoble, he will make several international trips for artistic exchanges. Singing teacher, choir director, creator of shows, he has a great experience in sound techniques and produced several written and recorded works (albums, musicals, fairytales)…

Emmanuel DJOB from Montpellier /  emmanueldjob13@yahoo.fr

Charismatic, his parents were teachers and church leaders. Young artist, producer, guitarist and songwriter since the age of 12. He is regularly and systematically invited to the greatest gospel events (concerts, festivals, master class), in France and abroad. Founder of two major well known groups (Black & White and By the Gospel River). His has a Master  from the University of Montpellier and is now choir director and author of several albums too.

François NYAME from Lyon / efnyamesiliki@wanadoo.fr

With a genuine passion for Negro Spirituals, he is co-founder and bass of the famous quartet « By The Gospel River ». This computer engineer is a metis strong from his cultural roots of the islands, Africa and Europe. He constantly travels France to express as an artist or choir director his thirst of humanity and hope for a better world. Patient and humble, he is methodical and works hard for good results. He is the founder of several groups in France like « Metis’Gospel ».

Calvin BRIDGES from Chicago / chipramin@ameritech.net

From Chicago, this American artist, pianist, singer, songwriter, and choir director is the equivalent of a “Stevie Wonder”. After several world tours, he let some time ago her suitcase drop in Grenoble for an exchange with 70 participants at the GI. This experience ended with a memorable big concert in front of hundreds of spectators of Grenoble. He promised to come back soon.

Frank DIANDOKI from Rennes / fdiandoki@gmail.com

At first trained artistically by the IG, this young “afropean” is a real ball of energy. Now manager of a group of talented young artists, he is also responsible for several well-established musical groups in the south and the north of France. He is a songwriter and choir director. He remained in close contact with our school as part of regular artistic exchanges.

Eddy BOLO from Paris / bolo_eddy@hotmail.com

Even if he’s living in Paris now, his “Gospel heart» still beats in Grenoble where he attended two years in our school. Very inspired by modern gospel, this young manager in communication was born in the islands and he often cross the ocean to join his American idols. He also is a pianist of great sensitivity, a very inspired choir director, a brilliant songwriter. He left its very positive and constructive energy in our school he has not forgotten. His vocal chorales have made a quite good impression in Grenoble.

Maéva TOFFA from Grenoble / maeva.toffa@gmail.com

This beautiful singer from Benin is even more beautiful culturally as she is so immersed. Communication officer of the city for major festivals (Cabaret frappé, Maison de la culture, etc.) she gives a lot of her time too for Gospel. She is now part of an elite set to become a promoter of Gospel music. She now manages with a lot of enthusiasm the choir Grenoble Gospel Singers.

Cécilia RAVENNES cecilia.ravennes@gmail.com

She is the living proof that artistic value does not wait the number of years. She is a new Gospel singer and a very talented one. More than motivated, she is a good candidate for teaching in our school. She has been managing for two years juniors of the GI. This versatile artist, dancer, involved in a lot of projects, she integrated two important vocal groups of the Grenoble’s scene (Connecting souls and Gardon’s voice).

Jazz Orchestra – Musicians

All our musicians are experienced young artists, from the circle of jazz, soul, rock, blues, reggae, folk and African music. The GI would like to be the crossroads to integrate different musical sensibilities but all linked by gospel music.

Besides singing, our musicians give lessons of different instruments programmed “à la carte”. Indeed, we have created in the GI a space for contemporary music and we focus on allowing meetings for teacher / student without heavy commitment, based on the availability of each other. The main instruments taught are piano, violin, guitars, drums, percussion, saxophone, accordion.



Artists and external training partners of GI