Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

Voice workshops

Externally or internally

The Gospel Institute has all the means to supervise any form of classroom combining artistic spontaneity and vocal practices. Thus we respond regularly to requests from different institutions: universities, companies and other organizations that wish to promote within within their institution an approach with methods of singing beneficial in terms of vocal expression. The exercises used allow to develop several skills:

  • Posture (physical expression and presence in public)
  • Fluent reading (adaptation of breathing and flow of words in front of the audience)
  • speech and diction (articulate, ask, highlight words to communicate more effectively)
  • relaxation ( or listen to singers is relaxing)
  • Voice control in the case of exercise therapy
  • Exam preparation (teacher candidates)

In schools

We have partnerships with schools for the development of youth workshops. Thanks to the songs we get to create synergy, cohesion between the students who are more involved with each other through polyphonic games in which you mix notes, tones, measures, rhythm, listening, cadences, etc.

The goal here is not necessarily to create a show, but to awaken participants on an essential aspect of their general culture. Sometimes, however, some classes ultimately decide to present the results of this work later in the season to the rest of the school, parents and friends. The High School of Moirans for example (near Grenoble), had successfully opened a time slot for workshops with more than fifty students. The season had ended on a friendly board.

In Universities

In universities, the control of the voice as a mode of communication is an asset. We can have knowledge, but for presentations or conferences completely lose our capacities. There are simple methods to learn how to deal with these problems and to improve our expression. That’s why our school has participated in the development of an experimental program at the Pierre Mendes France University. Moreover, the CROUS of Grenoble opened in 2006 on our proposal a singing workshop for teachers and students looking for relaxation pauses during their lunch time. This concept has been used by other cultural associations since.

Early Childhood

Services of our school have been asked more than once to show children fun ways of expression through small song classes. The introduction to music for 2 / 3 years old and 4 / 7 years old is created with musical stories, fairytales, rhythmic exercises … These games are essential assets for the development of children languages.

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