Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

Singing lessons

The singing lessons at the GI are organized in work sessions of at least one hour. There are individual lessons, in groups, or in larger groups and choirs. The GI is focusing its teachings on the presence, listening and regularity. The spontaneous development of talents depends a lot on student motivation. These can take courses with the rhythm of their choice according to their availability.

The individual singing lessons

It is a special time of exchange with the vocal teacher who guides and directs the student. They both set the program of training. To access it, simply contact the secretariat.

Time slots:

  • 10h-18h on Tuesdays
  • 10h-14h on Wednesdays
  • 14h-18h on Thursdays

Price: € 30 an hour

The themes:

  • posture (physical attitude, yoga exercises in music, relaxation)
  • placement of the voice (tone: head voice, chest voice, gutural voice , etc …)
  • the projection (amplitude, power, resonance)
  • support voice (intensity and keeping of notes, nuances)
  • management of breathing (air column, relaxation, use of the diaphragm)
  • vibrato (vocal color, vibration, emotion)
  • rhythm (tempo, regularity, the attack)
  • diction (pronunciation, careful phrasing, placed in a position)
  • musicality (art of listening and reproduce original sounds)
  • sing in tune with the exercise called “vocals” (tones, semitones, differences, chords)
  • the study of a suitable repertoire (gospel or not)
  • musical accompaniment (tone, arrangement, style, interpretation)
  • occupation of the stage space, use of micro, etc …