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At the origin the “white gospels” – Gospel Hymns

Contrary to what is often heard, Gospel is not of black origin as Gospel literally means “Call of God,” and more commonly hymns or songs accompanying the liturgy of the Christian Protestant Church (Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Adventists, Presbyterians, Church of England, etc.). The musical themes developed by these religious movements continue to inspire contemporary Gospels called “black gospel music.”

For the record, the appearance of typical black gospel is not so obvious. It will take a major global event during the first industrial revolution to see a shift in the music to black people.

At the crossroads of humanity, the advent of the slave trade led to a clash between cultures on three continents: Europe, Africa and America. The Black Gospel is only a result of the takeover by the deported Africans of Gospels of their white masters. In the 17th century the black slave from South America is an uprooted looking for his lost identity. To rebuild himself, he takes in the surrounding civilizations like the Indian one, as well as biblical themes of the Christian liturgy, all mixed with what remains of his African roots.