Gospel Institut Grenoble

Music and singing school

Artistic exchanges

These exchanges are essentially made of tours (America, Europe and Africa) and public events (concerts, festivals).

Experienced artists

The Gospel Institute hosts many artists from Africa, our continent and America. Some time ago, we received Rhoda Scott in some exchanges in the studio created in Touvet (France). For his part Calvin Bridges of Chicago held in suspense for a week our students eager to discover the new trends of modern gospel. This memorable meeting ended with a major concert. Also Emmanuel Djob, founder of different groups: By the Gospel River, Gospelize’it Mass Choir, Black & White Xperience is now an icon of our school. After the direction of Grenoble Gospel Singers and the choir of Gospel Institute, he is now taking a new challenge in 2012 with the creation of a new choir : Messengers Gospel Choir.


To name a few:

  • François NYAME SILIKI is a committed teacher. He contributed to the evolution of our school for 2 years managing the vocal group French Gospel Touch’ with success.
  • The Grenoble’s music lovers know for sure the GI. Most of our students join us after they met and listened to us on the local stages: Prisme of Seyssins, Café des Arts of Grenoble, Hexagone of Meylan, Summum of Grenoble, Grand Angle of Voiron, Jazz à Vienne festival, Cannes festival or other German, Spanish or Swiss festivals.
  • In Africa, the Gospel Institute supported a trip of the GGS choir for tour in Cameroon (50 participants)
  • In US this year and for the fourth time 40 trainees with take the Gospel road. Indeed, for several years we’ve been participating at different artistic meetings in US:
  • Atlanta (visit of the Martin Luther King Center)
  • New Orleans (exchange with the big « Church of God in Christ » during the sad floods)
  • Bourbon Street (jazz vault)
  • Walks on the banks of Mississipi (French Market)
  • Lafayette (huge gospel and jazz festival with thousands of spectators
  • Hamon (visit of the touristic center)
  • New York (visit of the famous Harlem district, concerts and exchanges with local choirs):